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Past Seasons

Our Speakers — Past Seasons


Our distinguished lineup of speakers throughout the 37-year history of the North Platte Town Hall Lecture Series has included a diverse array of luminaries from around the nation and the world, including journalists, authors, actors, political figures, scientists, elite athletes, and more. We are proud to have have brought more than 120 speakers to North Platte.


2018-2019: Dorothy Hamill, Molly Barker, Marc Ruskin, LaDonna Gatlin

2017-2018: Jenna Bush Hager, Amelia Earhart, Steve Murphy, Dallas Seavey

2016-2017: Vicki Lawrence, Dean Jacobs, Allison Massari, B. Gentry Lee

2015-2016: Joan Lunden, Fredi Lajvardi, Dan McNichol, Peter Bergen

2014-2015: Elizabeth Smart, Erin Palinski, Andy Och, Jo-Ellan Dimitrius

2013-2014: Bob Eubanks & Jamie Farr, Robert Glennon, James Bradley, Kambri Crews

2012-2013: Scott Hamilton, Michael Tougias, Walter Scheib, Jerome Mayer

2011-2012: Aron Ralston, Jennifer Thompson, Frank Loomis, Allan Karl

2010-2011: Bruce Jenner, Dave K. Sanderson, Mack Dryden, Christine Brennan

2009-2010: Jennette Walls, Tierney Cahill, Julie Myers Wood, Mark K. Updegrove

2008-2009: James Hight, Gary Moore, Dan Abrams, Jim Knox

2007-2008: Jackie Pflug, Vince Lombardi, Jr., Patty Duke, Dr. Richard Madow

2006-2007: Evan Wright, Naomi Judd, Bill Mason, "Termite" Watkins

2005-2006: Ed McMahon, Marc Silverstein, Fred Haise, Lynn Donohue

2003-2004: Chief Richard Picciotto, Soledad O'Brien, Robert J. Rebhan, David E. Logie

2003-2004: General Henry Hugh Shelton, Jan McInnis, Charles Moose, Bill Morton

2002-2003: Ann Jillian, Vic Osteen, Senator George McGovern, Steve Livengood

2001-2002: John Walsh, Bill Sammon, Arun Gandhi, Nikki Stone

2000-2001: Judith Viorst, Christopher Springman, Jennifer Read Hawthorne, Laura A. Morton

1999-2000: William F. Buckley, Martin Bowen, Jane Brody, Grady Jim Robinson

1998-1999: David Breashears, Morris Dees, Mark Victor Hansen, Dr. Elinor Harris Solomon

1997-1998: George Plimpton, Elaine Chao, Jonathan Karl, Ted Kennedy, Jr.

1996-1997: F. Lee Bailey, Stan Curtis, John Powers, James Carney

1995-1996: Betty Mahmoody, Captain James Lovell, Susan Granger, Tweed Roosevelt

1994-1995: Charlton Heston, Hope Mihalap, Cathy Rigby, Dr. Peter Salago

1993-1994: Nanette Fabray, Jan Scruggs, Bob Beckel, Jerry Parr

1992-1993: Rich Little, Laura Pedersen, Joe Clark, Gene Perret

1991-1992: Peter Burtchal, Dale Van Atta, Boris Notkin, Art Linkletter

1990-1991: Dr. Joyce Brothers, Dr. Bob Arnot, Robert Evans, Madam Nien Cheng

1989-1990: Bettina Gregory, Frank Abagnale, Sarah Brady, Jack Anderson

1988-1989: Maria Cooper Janis & Joan Benny, Col. Charles Scot, Kevin Close, John Stossel

1987-1988: Dr. Richard Ittner, Kitty Carlisle, Bob Debolt, Irina McClellan

1986-1987: Mary McBride, Ralph Salerno, Gerald Coffee, Ike Pappas

1985-1986: Countess Romanones, Dr. Jerald Schenken, James Kern, James C. Humes

1984-1985: Betty Williams, CeCe Zorinsky, William Kloefkorn, John R. Powers

1983-1984: Arianna Stassinopoulous, Dr. Beverly Mead, Norman Krivosha, Robert Manley